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Every home is unique in its set of circumstances and tenets, who are often family members, roommates, etc. The home is composed of members who sometimes actively participate and make their contributions towards housework, while others act as carefree as the summer sun.

Whether the house comprises of reckless kids, a lazy spouse, or carefree roommates, you might have encountered an instance of a sink full of dirty dishes, too many times and murmured to yourself, “I’m done with all this mess!”

In this post, we’ll be presenting you, ten of the useful apps to keep track of your everyday chores, with a focus on all the obstacles that prevent the ideal state of home bliss, from messy children to absentminded spouses and roommates to your own habit of postponing the routine household tasks:

1.    OurHome

Allocate chores and rewards to family members: with OurHome app, parents can give their kids one-time jobs, reminders, and recurring chores with points so they don’t have to write down the same things over and over again. Recurring chores automatically renew after the time period you select. Parents may set a goal for their children to work towards, such as different sums of money or screen time.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

2.    Tody

Tody is a smart chore assistant that organizes chores into hierarchies according to their frequency and estimated time investment. The app keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by categorizing the tasks that need to be done around the house and is essential for splitting each chore into an achievable unit.

Available on: iOS

Cost: Free

3.    Handy

Handy is the easy way to get everything done with just a tap. Find a reliable cleaner, a licensed plumber or electrician, a reliable painter, or any other professional for the job. In over 30 cities around the world, Handy is reinventing how people work from home. Handy is an app worth having on hand when your hands are busy.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

4.    S’moresUp

S’moresUp app is powered by AI and helps each family member take more responsibility for household chores. The app is highly customizable and allows users to connect calendars to plan family events and more. S’moresUp also has a parenting community to discuss parenting tips and tricks.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Standard plan: Free; Premium plan: $4.99 per month

5.    Chore Checklist

It is chore planning and management app. Chore Checklist will help you organize household tasks. It keeps track of the date the job is due and calculates the next due date based on your preferences. You can also set a reminder for each job. It comes with a readily available checklist along with routines like “Daily Routine”, “Weekly Routine”, “Monthly Routine” etc. You can edit the existing routines/jobs or add new ones.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: iOS – free / Android – $1.99

6.    Chore Pad

Chore Pad is a system for assigning, tracking, and rewarding tasks that can help parents and kids know who is supposed to do what and when around the home. While any sort of family chore chart can get complicated, cluttered, and ignored, Chore Pad is a smart and easy way to choose, assign, organize, and track chores. If your family is aboard with using organized tracking systems and rewards, Chore Pad will definitely be an option to consider.

Available on: iOS

Cost: $4.99

7.    Cozi Family Organizer

This app is best for Free Home Organization Help. Cozi is an all-in-one family organizer app that lets you manage your appointments and activities in one place. Some features include tracking school events and virtual class schedules, managing shared shopping lists, and getting the whole family involved in household chores.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Standard plan: Free; Cozi Gold plan: $29.99 annually

8.    BusyKid

BusyKid is the first and only chore app that lets kids earn real pocket money and choose how to save, share, spend and invest. BusyKid uses technology to modernize the outdated system of allowances, allowing children to pay their weekly wages directly for household chores and providing a myriad of modern money management options; including saving money, donating to charity, or investing in the stock market.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: $3.99 per month or $38.99 annually

9.    Done

Done helps you create a healthy routine by setting goals, tracking progress, and motivating yourself, all in one simple and clean package. This app is designed to help you break bad habits. It includes a series of color-coded charts, graphs and progress reports that work together to help you improve your cleaning habits and use your strengths to be more productive.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


FamZoo is an online virtual family bank. It helps busy parents teach their kids good money habits. This allows parents to teach their children through hands-on exercises and includes, teaching them to earn, save, spend and give money wisely. At FamZoo, you act as a banker and your children represent your customers. By using a prepaid card account, your child can access his / her account and view it from his / her shared online dashboard.

Available on: iOS and Android

Cost: $5.99/month

Benefits of Using Chore Apps

If you’re having a hard time getting your kids involved in chores, the household chore apps can be a fun way to change the routine. With the many chore apps available, you can decide what kind of rewards to give your child and when to complete them. More importantly, keeping track of allowance and chores, can be a challenge and a chore in itself. Here are some of the ways in which Chore apps can add value to your household:

1.    Better Organization

The Assignment and Tasks apps provide a central place to assign, track, and manage tasks which were previously folded into sticky notes and notebooks. You can check on your child’s progress and communicate regularly through the app, virtually from any location.

2.    Better Connection among Family Members

Family apps that anyone can access will help you stay in touch with your child. You can spend time together sharing moments about money and life, work ethic, a good job, and other things that matter to you. It can also help inculcate a sense of belonging and ownership in your kids.

3.    Better Living (in a digital world)

In digital era, many families spend more time with electronic devices than they do without. Why not take advantage of this fact and put technology to work for your home? Not only can you use your smartphone for communication, but you can also use it to bank, learn, stay connected, set reminders, keep track of appointments and other dates, follow family and friends, and more.

Please let us know what app works best for you and your family!


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